4 Major Trends Outlining Global Industrial Boiler Market Outlook

The global industrial boiler market has garnered immense population across myriad end-use sectors like food processing, chemicals, and hospitals due to the rise in the use of energy-efficient heating solutions. As per reports, by the end of 2026, the industrial boiler market was likely to witness an annual installation of more than 120 thousand units worldwide.

Over the years, the world has witnessed a considerable expansion in the manufacturing facilities along with industrialization to meet the demands of the consumers. Superior energy efficiency, simplified installation procedures, and the presence of a wide range of capacities are some of the integral characteristics ensuring growth in the industrial boiler deployment.

An escalated increase in the number of industrial establishments in various parts of the world and the demand for petrochemical products has encouraged the use of the boilers over some alternatives. Policies established by the regulatory authorities to reduce the consumption of coal in various industries have developed new opportunities for manufacturers who develop sustainable, energy-conserving systems.

Prominent industry boiler companies include Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Hurst Boiler, Babcock, IHI Corporation, and Cochran ltd. among various others. Enumerated below are some of the integral factors that may influence industrial boiler market in the coming years:

North America a key market for industrial boilers

In terms of geographical expanse, North America industrial boiler market has showcased tremendous growth due to the increasing regulatory efforts undertaken to reduce the carbon emission levels and adopt sustainable products. Moreover, high penetration of large steam intensive industries across various regions and a positive business outlook towards food processing and petrochemical industries will support the demand for the products.

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Expansion of existing refineries

In the past years, there has been a consistent expansion in the existing refineries along with the growing demand for primary metal, increasing the demand for 175–250 MMBtu/hour capacity industrial boilers. Moreover, the developments in the paper and pulp industry worldwide have boosted the demand for steam generating units. As per UNIDO, the investments made by the paper industry in China increased from USD 22,518 million in the year 2005 to USD 96,334 million in 2017.

High demand for petrochemical products

An increase in the sale of petrochemical products has driven the deployment of industrial boilers across the refining industry. The ability to produce steam for powering turbines and heating of processes and facilities are some of the positive features of the product supporting its installation. Additionally, the governments have heavily invested in modernizing the refineries with an aim to increase production capacity.

Surging demand for sustainable products

Rapid industrial development along with the need for energy-efficient heating products has amplified the deployment of water tube industrial boilers. Some of the important characteristics of the product include enhanced lifespan along with the presence of safety features that has supported its use in the industries. Moreover, the use of upgraded boiler technologies along with the promotion of new industrial establishments has supported the need for these products globally.

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