Circulating fluidized bed boilers- a recent trend towards green economy

With the global population gradually elevating and energy consumption massively rising over the recent years, energy management has become a necessity. In this regard, various economies have been looking out for ways for energy production which might induce toxic vapors and emissions in the environment; for example, combustion of coal, paving way for the emergence of an all new technology- Circulating fluidized bed boilers. Coal combustion is linked with release of toxic gases like SO2 and NOx, and fumes in the air which contributes massively to the air pollution thereby posing adverse effects on human health.

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As per a 2017 report by Union of Concerned Scientists, coal plants were responsible for nearly 42% of US mercury emissions in 2014 while in the same year, US coal power plants emitted more than 3.1 million tons of Sulphur dioxide and 1.5 million tons of NOx, negatively influencing the health of people residing in the States. Such daunting statistics have compelled various industry experts and governmental authorities to brainstorm the possibilities of more economic and environmentally friendly way of energy production, that has led to the emergence of various boiler techniques.

Boilers generate steam which is generally used to process heat, offer space heat, and others. Considering the prominence of boilers, it is pivotal to mention the dominance of circulating fluid bed boilers, a technology which has given boilers and power plants operators an improved flexibility in burning wide range of coal and other fuels. CFB is a process boasting of the ability to achieve lower emission pollutants. It has been apprehended that the use of this technology could reduce the emissions by 80% as pollutants are absorbed before being released in the atmosphere.

Insights into the advantages offered by CFB technology

Today, most of the industrial domains worldwide have been looking forward to adopting CFB technology to be at par with the ongoing technological trends and transformations in the energy industry. Given below is a brief snapshot of some of the peculiar advantages provided by this technology, which not only explains the reducing carbon emission levels globally, but also in the meanwhile addresses the mounting demand for energy and power generation.

· Circulating fluidized bed boilers are deemed to be highly compatible with both unconventional as well as conventional fuels including coal, industrial and agricultural waste, petro-coke, wood, and biomass.

· One of the most significant advantages associated with this technology is that the boiler design can be optimized for ignition of fuels available from coal mines. Highlighting on the similar point, industries that have been looking for working with varied types of cola grades have an option to optimize their boiler designs according to their needs and requirements.

· Option to operate at lower temperatures: Experts claim that low operating temperature in the boiler could support significant reduction in nitrogen oxides, Sulphur and mercury emissions, and carbon dioxide; which currently stands as the need of the hour for various industries given the escalating pollution levels worldwide.

Recent product developments augmenting the market share

In lieu of the given unprecedented advantages, companies and government authorities have been laying an immense focus on developing CFB boilers and investing heftily into the technology to score a competitive point in the overall market space. Enumerated is a recent instance of product development that has been deemed to accentuate the use of these boilers overtime:

2018 initiative by Andritz to supply fluidized bed boiler to a Japanese biomass power plant

A groundbreaking initiative undertaken by Andritz to deliver a PowerFluid CFB boiler to Japan based Toyo Engineering Corporation, stands as one of the recent developments in CFB boiler market sphere. As per news reports, the boiler supplied by Andritz boasts of lowest emissions, highest fuel flexibility, and superior efficiency and availability. Moreover, it has been recorded that the boiler will form an integral part of a high efficiency biomass plant, which has been anticipated to generate power of around 50 MWel in the upcoming years while also supporting the concept of green energy. These key features allow the companies to be a level apart in energy production and generation, worldwide.

Considering the loopholes in coal combustion for energy and power generation aligned with the associated advantages of CFB boilers, Global Market Insights, Inc., report predicts that the global CFB boilers market would record a stellar growth in the years to come.

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