Containerized Substation market poised to gain ground from dry type transformers

Containerized substations have become instrumental for permanent and temporary applications, including power distribution, industrial and commercial resources, renewables and construction, utilities and infrastructure.

Forward-looking companies are eyeing to provide bespoke containerized solutions that are custom built and use combination of refurbished or new transformers to keep up with the operational and budgetary needs.

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In the recently compiled researched report by Global Market Insights, Inc., containerized substation market size has been projected to witness a notable uptick by 2026.

Dry type transformers are expected to have solid gain for they are an eco-friendly and safe solution for containerized substation. This advanced dry-type transformer technology has been providing a cost-effective solution and has potentially done away with the requirement for exorbitant fire protection.

Dry type distribution transformers have become highly desirable for underground substations which demand fire contingency-management and site-specific fire prevention strategies. Industry experts believe that the high risk of fire in underground coal mining will accentuate the demand for dry type transformers.

Growing palpability towards reducing the up-front cost and introducing new substations are triggering growth in containerized substation market share. Some of the factors such as reducing the cost of energy loss and curbing power wastage have augured well for the market size expansion.

Of late, leading companies are eyeing to manufacture and design pre-fabricated containerized solutions that are setting the trend as a hassle-free and economical approach to supply energy to a site.

Containerized substations are often sought-after when space is at a premium for they streamline the swift supply of energy and expedite project scheduling. Several leading manufacturers have been able to reduce on-site disruption and they perceive the solution as a financially rewarding construction method.

End-markets are poised to opt for containerized substation for significant cost and space savings, while the manufacturers are likely to focus on making custom-made high and low voltage substations up to 132kV.

Grappling with the unprecedented demand for substations, utility companies are contemplating indoor substations as they combine dry-type transformers with gas-insulated switchgear for installation in the basement of any buildings.

Gas-insulated substation is profoundly being used globally in the basement of high-rise buildings, industrial plants and departmental stores. Forward-looking companies are profoundly installing gas-insulated high-voltage switchgears.

Investors are likely to pump funds in APAC containerized substation as developing countries such as India, China and Vietnam witness upsurge in electricity demand. Governments and leading companies see containerized substation to be a smart solution to ensure reliable power supplies.

Investors are also likely to infuse funds in North America and Europe with these matured regions witnessing influx in demand for power. Investment in bespoke solutions and smart grid solutions will fare well for the market size expansion.

With containerized substations providing compelling cost-advantages pertaining to erection, installation and planning, utility companies are likely to boost investment in the portfolio. Increased traction for containerized substations is attributed to its compact size and low weight and are being equipped with heating, thermal insulation, socket outlets and ventilators. End-users perceive containerized substation as a highly economical and customized solution.

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