How will the demand for energy efficiency enhance the growth profile of SCR power controller market?

Endorsed by a high number of applications across various industries worldwide, an innate sub-vertical of the global energy industry- SCR power controller market, is currently witnessing a massive rise in its growth graph. Touted to play a critical role in nearly every industrial manufacturing processes, SCR power controllers are generally used to regulate temperature in almost every procedure. In fact, their primary use is to control the flow of electricity from grid to heater. SCR power controllers are said to boast of two main qualities which confirm their use across industries including chemical, glass and crystals, metals, industrial furnaces, and oil and gas: highly energy efficient and reduced footprint.

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· Increased energy efficiency

A substantial percentage of people and business worldwide has been looking toward deployment of energy efficient products and power controllers, saving a huge deal in terms of cost and energy almost every year. Also, both industrial and public sectors have been experiencing a dramatic rise in energy costs over the past few years, paving way for the prominence of SCR power controllers. When compared to counterparts like IGBT based controllers, SCR power controllers offer much enhanced efficiency of up to 99.5%. Not only this, contemporary SCR power controllers provide multiple firing modes, enabling the users to opt for best control method according to their applications.

SCR Power Controller Market

· Reduced footprint claims that the carbon footprint is almost exceeding 60% of humanity’s overall ecological footprint, on account of which major businesses and industries have begun turning to adoption of equipment that reduce the footprint and add to the sustainability quotient. The aforesaid features are all present in SCR power controllers of today. Currently, companies have been making immense use of SCR power controllers to alleviate the rising carbon emissions without compromising on the operability and efficiency of these.

These features and characteristics of SCR power controllers have indeed made them highly preferable across myriad industries.

Why are SCR power controllers witnessing massive acclamation in industrial electric furnaces?

An intense challenge that many furnace operations have being facing throughout is integration of a group of disparate components into control system’s communication and configuration capabilities, which makes operation of these industrial furnaces an ineffective one. It has been claimed that these challenges can be overcome through architectural approach being implemented by vivid industry majors to ensure smooth functioning of industrial furnaces.

Speaking of the many benefits being offered by architecturally combined SCR power controllers, it is essential to state that these modules bear the potential to produce multiple benefits to whole furnace operation, either through enhanced heater lifetime, improved product uniformity, or optimized power consumption.

Not to mention, at 99.5% efficiency, SCR power controllers offer exceptional advantages over substitute technologies via Phase-Angle and Zero-Crossing Firing, application of which can reduce parasitic harmonics.

Meanwhile, another challenge that stands upfront for furnace operators is power consumption, which can also be cured by implementation of SCR technology; a measure which can improve the power factor efficiency available to furnace, thus reducing utility costs.

Novel innovations in SCR power controller business space

Although SCR power controllers are not a new concept in the electronics and energy market space, consistent innovations in the field are making its presence felt worldwide. In one such instance, SCR power controller behemoth- Advanced Energy- had recently announced unveiling a new SCR power controller with advanced performance and new capabilities to include Industry 4.0 concept to precision heating applications. Labelled as Thyro-A+, the new product addition is expected to offer next-gen SCR accuracy and lead monitoring along with new digital control capabilities for precision heating to the users.

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